Monday, 3 May 2010

Tories employ serbs in leaflet campaign

In a desperate attempt to gain support, the Conservative party in Pendle have now resorted to flying in foreign workers to help them in their election campaign.

According to the Pendle Liberal Democrat website, the Pendle Conservative candidate Andrew Stephenson is using a gang of leaflet deliverers brought into the country from Serbia to deliver his leaflets during the General Election campaign.

The Serb workers who are being paid to deliver the leaflets are not Conservative party members yet the headline on the tory newsletter reads 'Delivered FREE by the Conservatives'.

Tony Greaves, agent for the Pendle Liberal Democrat candidate Afzal Anwar said they are here for around ten days, all expenses paid. They are being put up in a hotel in Colne and taken out for meals by the Conservative candidate and his agent, Pendle Tory councillor George Askew. Their travel expenses from Serbia have been paid for.


With many young people in Pendle out of work you'd think Stephenson and Lord Ashcroft's millions would be spent on employing 'local people' to help out as party workers. Surely they can muster a handful of helpers from Pendle? Apparently not!

This is a desperate party who spout off about capping immigration then go and fly in migrant workers to do work local people would be glad of. They better be adding the cost to their election expenses or this could be their downfall.

But actually telling people their Newsletter was delivered 'FREE' by 'Conservatives' when in reality it was delivered by non-tory party migrants paid by the 1000's is an insult to the people of Pendle.

If you're a voter and waivered about trusting the tories previously, the lies spouted in the Newsletter about it being delivered FREE by conservatives should throw any trust voters had out the window.

The tories say if they are elected they will clamp down on benefit fraud and tax evaders, even though their deputy leader [2005] Lord Ashcroft is the