Friday, 9 October 2015

Lanacashire Tele-Laugh

Lancashire Telegraph
Occasionally I visit the Lancashire Telegraph website to see how much degraded and perverted certain areas of Lancashire have become. I used to have the news link but decided a while back to remove it for my sanity. On average, out of every 10 news articles only ONE conveyed good news, the rest indicated just how perverse society had become.

The online Lancashire telegraph has the ability for readers to 'comment' on its news articles; but this is at the discretion of the newspaper and IS biased when ANY article involves ethnic minorities or where it deems those commenting may reveal what others are really thinking,,, i.e,, the truth..

Secret Migrant Exposed

Take for example the article about a pervert who exposed himself in TK Maxx.
The man, named as Ajit Kerai apparently appeared for a brief court hearing with members of his family and followed the proceedings with the help of an interpreter. His Defence, Adam Whittaker said Kerai, of Salisbury Avenue, Heaton, originally comes from an “extremely remote village” and that he speaks with an unusual dialect.

According to the news article, Kerai  is from Bolton, hardly a 'remote village'  -
 As usual the telegraph gave no background to Kerai's British status. The reader is left bewildered thinking Bolton is a remote village in swaziland. In reality, the news report clearly shows how ignorant the telegraph wish to keep their readers as to how someone with no knowledge of the English language, and apparently no inkling why the pervert is here in the UK or how long his visa is? No Comments allowed on this article? Wonder why?

Man attacks vacuum cleaner

You really couldn't make this shit up, well, not unless you're the Lancashire telegraph and had nothing to do but spout useless crap to fill a news column.

The so-called 'news article' man attacks vacuum cleaner' reports where a man was given a conditional discharge for 12 months by Blackburn magistrates after pleading guilty to damaging a vacuum cleaner belonging to someone else.

Politically correct?

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