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Chorley A&E closure, the Hidden Agenda revealed

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Let's get this straight, the Lancashire Teaching Hospitals trust board have manipulated the facts about the Chorley A&E closure and its repercussions on surrounding hospitals.

Even when faced with Facts from the North west ambulance service about huge increases in handover delays at Preston after the Chorley A&E closure, the 'Trust' claim severe handover delays are due to more people year-on-year attending the Royal Preston each day.

What utter nonsense. Facts are facts, something these people seem to enjoy trying to manipulate. A whopping 1330% increase in handover delays from Last May [2015] to this May [2016]. It's even on record at the Preston CCG since the Preston CCG have sanctioned the trust to the tune of over £132,000 alone this year already for the ambulance handover breaches!

So now we know what we are dealing with the gloves are off.
Let's see what the CQC have to say about the facts about the disgraceful knock on effect of closing Chorley A&E and the fact that the teaching hospital trust should have started their A&E staff recruitment campaign in November... 2014 !
I see not the hand of 'the Trust' behind all this but that of the authors of the Sustainability & Transformation Plan (STP), part of NHS England's '5 year forward view'.

STP and the 5-year forward view- the hidden agenda

The A&E closure was simply part of that forward view as we've seen with the threat of BOTH Preston & Chorley hospitals losing their A&E's and replacing them with a super-hospital near Lostock hall.

Simon Stevens under the order of Jeremy Hunt, has just carved our NHS into 44 bite sized regions, called ‘footprints’. And he’s told local health bosses that they must come up with a plan by 30th June to completely clear their massive shortfalls - within a year.
That's why the Lancashire Teaching hospitals Trust waited until now to tell you about the 'super-hospital plan, its all hush hush, they don't want YOU to know what's coming next!
Trusts have been told if they don’t come up with a new big cuts plan in a hurry, they won’t get any financial or other help, he’s told them. And he’s made clear that if they fail to deliver on the plans, they face being sacked or taken over by other – unspecified – organisations.

Only today the Chorley & Preston Clinical Commissioning Groups 'celebrated'  the sell-off of vital NHS services at urgent care centres in Preston & Chorley. GP out of hours services have also gone to the private company GTD Healthcare. Bit by bit, piece by piece, our NHS services are gradually being contracted out to private providers.

The battle is on,,, more than ever before our NHS is at risk of being privatised, and we may not even see it so,  BE PREPARED to fight to save OUR NHS!

Please read the link/page below very carefully to see their plans all falling into place,,


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