Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Chorley A&E closure - nearby hospitals also under-staffed

In April this year [2016] the A&E at Chorley & South Ribble Hospital was temporarily closed due to a lack of staff to run the department leading to increased risks for patients. 

Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS trust have now confirmed they have requested support from other surrounding hospitals but have been told those hospitals are also experiencing similar staff shortages.

In a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document released earlier, the Trust stated: "We have asked other local hospitals for support but they are experiencing similar challenges and so haven’t any staff available to help".

This means that with the A&E at Chorley being closed, patients are being transferred or taken to already under-staffed surrounding hospitals as mentioned in the Trusts FAQ.

So it's now unsafe to transport patients from Chorley to other nearby under-staffed hospitals.

It seems the only solution is for the Lancashire Hospitals NHS foundation Trust to hurry up and recruit some doctors and re-open the A&E at Chorley. 

Are surrounding hospitals already under-staffed?
Do you work or know someone who works at a nearby hospital who can verify claims that those hospitals are under-staffed?

Nearby hospitals providing A&E services include: Preston, Wigan, Blackburn.

Email or leave a message below...

The FAQ can be downloaded from the local CCG site here

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