Friday, 30 September 2016

Chorley & Preston hospitals could be demolished under new CCG plans

New information released under nationwide NHS transformation plans shows 'polyclinics' could take over most hospital services leaving many hospitals to be demolished and sold off to housing developers.

As we know, the sustainability & transformation plans (STP) are being rolled out all over England. This means some areas are at different stages of roll-out and some are behind.

clearly we should be watching what's happening with those areas that are ahead of us in the roll-out since we can learn from their experiences and how they are handling the privatisation plans.

As our Network expands we liase with other campaigners in the fight to STOP any further cuts & privatisation of our NHS.

So far, the STP plans, rolled out under various guises such as 'right time right place, or our own 'Our Health our care', have lacked any detail, with the CCGs and trusts giving the public fanciful ideologies about what 'might' be the way forward.

Multispecialty community provider (MCP) clinics

Finer details of the stp however are now coming in, and as expected, NHS England's STP plans follow the privatisation model where the more lucrative routine hospital treatments are 'integrated' into special clinics called Multispecialty community provider (MCP) clinics.

The MCP model, as laid out in the 5 year forward view, is where GP group practices 'expand', bringing in nurses and community health services, hospital specialists and others to provide integrated out-of-hospital care.

Essentially, private consortium's won't touch Acute (emergency) services since these are high risk with little or no return. So as VirginCare have done, they aim for the more lucrative procedures which are low risk and a guaranteed income.

These routine services are currently undertaken in hospital settings.
So part of the STP plan is to bring these hospital services 'closer to home' by moving them into new MCP clinics. This means demolishing some GP surgeries and expanding them into MCP clinics where consortium's will bid on which services to provide. *This is the reason C&SR CCG ran the primary care estate survey 2 months ago.

Both Chorley & South Ribble CCG and Preston CCG are currently promoting the MCP model (there are several versions of MCPs) and are intent on implementing it. Due to the large NHS deficit it's anticipated most of the MCP services will be contracted to the private sector. Ultimately, due to the loss of income, the NHS will cease to function as a publicly funded service and the CCG's will become insurance based intermediaries providing only basic means-tested services (similar to universal credit welfare).

Since hospitals will no longer provide these services, they will be demolished and replaced with much fewer super-hospitals.

But the MCP clinics (sometimes called 'polyclinics') are only part of the STP plan.

The two main thrusts of the STP plan are to keep people OUT of hospital and 'help' educate them on prevention.

Whenever you see the word 'prevention' replace it with 'rationing'.

Successive governments tinkering with the NHS have all tried the prevention route and it's always failed. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel, and that light is YOU!

Educate yourself, ask your GP what he/she thinks about the STP plans and about GPs spending all their time planning and scheming with trusts to privatise your NHS.

what does your MP know?
your local health and well-being board or scrutiny committee?

Our NHS is on the precipice of collapse. Health bodies previously responsible for running our NHS such as local health authorities and GPs, once fervently opposed to privatisation, are now embracing it with open arms, under the umbrella of market 'commissioning'.

We simply cannot rely on others to help save our NHS. The passage of the privatisation policy riddled Health & social care bill into the Health and social care  Act in 2012 is PROOF that we can no longer trust the BMA, GP Confederation, politicians and others when it comes to protecting our NHS.

Our NHS has been betrayed by the very people we entrusted it to.

Battle lines have now been drawn. If WE stand together we can prevent the onslaught of marketeers and reverse the process.


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