Saturday, 3 September 2016

NHS refuse treatment, patients told to go private

It looks like the ubiquitous 'health and social act 2012' is now revealing its sordid convoluted contents in the form of devolution of power from central government to local clinical commissioning groups.
 And as far as a Health policy is concerned, it doesn't get more clinical than that!

The York CCG have told patients they deem fat and obese that unless they lose weight they must continue to live in pain and suffering because it's their fault they eat too many fatty foods that inevitably place more strain on their joints.
The non-life threatening procedures will see patients treatment delayed by a year for those with a body mass index exceeding 30.
Now, don't get me wrong here, Maverick once considered himself quite a fat b#stard, but this was due to the western medication he was taking. So, not his fault, but he would still have fallen within the York CCG's category of being refused help on the NHS.

The media however, claim that NHS England can 'intervene' and stop the CCG from implementing its draconian measures. 
On the contrary, the health and social care act 2012 caters for this very provision, and neither NHS England nor the Department of Health can do anything to prevent the CCG from carrying out such measures.
NOT content with having a pop at fatties, the tory led department of wealth have turned their attention to SMOKERS. And this is again, all part of their 'ill-health prevention plans' , part of the sustainability and transformation plans dumped ceremoniously on every health trust in England.
So, if you're Fat And Smoke, you're goosed! 
The CCG said obese patients may secure a referral in less than a year if they shed 10% of their weight. Similarly, if smokers refuse to quit they faced having procedures delayed for up to six months, which can be accelerated if they quit their habit for eight weeks.

But what's really behind this cull on the obese or smoking population?

Answer?'The five year forward plan'
There’s only one way local health authorities and hospital trusts can make up a huge shortfall in funding (which will otherwise rise to £22bn by 2020) – and that’s to close services and sell off NHS land and hospitals.
Preventing people attending hospitals is a big part of the 'plan' and the boss of NHS England, Simon Stevens, believes that closing A&E departments will result in people seeking help in a local care community setting. Local health areas are expected to provide ‘care in the community’ based around downgraded ‘urgent care centres’ – a more profitable model for private takeover.
OF course history has shown that centralising A&E services only increases attendances at the newly formed and centralised A&E! 

In his book, titled How the NHS is being dismantled in 10 easy step, Dr  Youssef El Gingihy  sums up CCG's rationing of healthcare in a nutshell..

The Health & Social Care Act removes the Government’s responsibility for the NHS, passing it down to a series of other bodies instead. Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) are forced to open contracts to unlimited privatisation. Private companies are “cherry-picking” lucrative contracts leaving NHS trusts with even less money. CCGs are to set to be privatised. It is difficult to believe but CCGs are now legally obliged to provide only emergency care and ambulances; the rest is up to their discretion. This translates into unlimited rationing.

Here's the article by Dr. El Gingihy
How the NHS is being dismantled in 10 easy steps

So whilst the good, the bad, the poor, and the 'morbidly obese' are forced to buy cheaper in GM touting mega-markets sprouting up in every town and city like cancerous boils, there is no alternative but to blame the overweight for all the ills of  a failing NHS.

The NHS in England has a real problem. A problem that has been brought about not by people living longer, but by private marketeers and their supporters hacking away at our public service for so long with seemingly little resistance, there is now a HUGE chink in our NHS armour.

Yet, like the British resilience, our armour is strong, and most of all, it encompasses those of all sizes without prejudice.

So today I say, no matter your size, colour or creed, you are entitled to a National health service that does not discriminate. Of course the real hogs with their snouts in the trough are whose  those 'careers' begin on the gravy train of parliamentary MP, then on retirement move on to a £120,000 salary for those they advised whilst in parliament. Ho ho Jack Straw knows what we mean?

I'm off to eat a cream bun, and if that means me exceeding 30 on the BMI scale, then I can rest assured I can get my knee op in Lancashire and not Yorkshire?

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