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Plans to privatise NHS in Lancashire & Cumbria revealed

The recently released Lancashire & South Cumbria STP plans aren't 'plans' at all. Here's PROOF that the plans to transform the NHS in England are based on the American model of private healthcare.

Page 21 of the Lancashire & South Cumbria STP titled "The Future – What would great services look like? states:

"We do not have any predetermined solutions or options at this stage".

NHS England have asked all regional leads to submit 'sustainability & transformation' plans on how their region could reduce healthcare trust deficits and introduce (transform) different models of care that are more sustainable for the future.

Yet the best Amanda Doyle, the lead officer of the Lancs & South Cumbria STP can come up with is "we don't have any options or solutions at this stage".

And we're supposed to accept that as a plan for the future of our healthcare.
Even as a 'Draft' this so-called 'plan' has fallen at the first hurdle leaving residents baffled as to where we go from here.

Page 21, says it all really. Based on the submitted 'draft', future healthcare services in Lancashire will look uncertain, and devoid of any input from the people who use those services. The 'draft' certainly didn't involve input from the public. That's because all those involved have been told by NHS England not to reveal 'too much' about the overall plan due to them being highly contentious and politically toxic.

One thing is certain from reading the STP: it contains all the signs of transforming a publicly funded universal healthcare system into a U.S. style insurance-based private system.

So it's hardly surprising the New STP NHS reforms are headed by boss of NHS England 'Simon Stevens', the previous vice president of the largest private healthcare company in the U.S.

To confirm the plans are based on the U.S. model here's an excerpt from page 25, one of the "must-do's"...

"We will roll out the best of new models of care from the vanguards to other areas starting now and over the next 12 months, to include risk assessment, patient segmentation, moving care out of hospitals, MCP /PACS or ACOs, learning from the accelerator site for population based capitated budgets, and Enhanced primary care".

OK, the above paragraph is a real mouthful so let's break it down..

Vanguards are 'trial' areas in England where STP care models are being rolled-out without public consultation. There are 50 vanguard sites scattered around England and about 4 care models, all based on private sector healthcare provision. These are the 'accelerator sites' mentioned above.

Risk assessment & patient 'segmentation'
Each customer (patient) has a 'profile' assembled based on their health condition, age, medical record etc. A risk assessment then places them in a category of how likely they are to be admitted to A&E and how this can be avoided. Those with chronic conditions such as diabetes, asthma, COPD etc are allocated personal health budgets (PHB) enabling them to 'choose' which services they would like to spend their money on. Once the budget is exceed the customer has the option to 'top-up' their budget using an insurance based plan. *Capitated budget means 'budget allocation per person'.

Moving 'care' out of hospitals
the Private sector are only interested in high-turnover lucrative procedures so it's crucial they separate Emergency activity from elective and routine procedures. Hospital based routine procedures will be moved into clinics called 'multi-speciality community provider' (MCP) clinics. This ensures private healthcare companies profit, leaving Acute emergency expensive treatment to the NHS. This method of moving services 'out of hospital' is a disaster for the NHS since the tariff for routine services pay for bulk of the emergency service activity. This method will leave a huge hole in the NHS budget resulting in its demise very quickly.


Primary Acute Care System - basically the U.S. model where a single group of providers are responsible for delivering primary, community, mental health and hospital services for their local population. A federation of GPs are needed to form the MCP clinics and these will join up with hospital trusts to utilise funds coupled with patient records to prevent customers progressing to the 'emergency stage' thus keeping them out of hospital and in future paying into the primary system via their PHB or other future plan.

ACO - Acountable Care Organisations
If anyone is in any doubt, the ACO confirms the models being rolled out in England are based on the American insurance-based healthcare model.
The primary vanguard sites for this care model are Morecambe Bay & Northumbria.

The ACO attempts to monitor, predict, and control the patients journey through the system by integrating services such as social services and primary services. In effect, to reduce the private healthcare budget by sourcing money for part of the healthcare from the local authority budget for social care.

As such, this model caters more for the elderly and is based on the U.S 'medicare' model.

We can see from the above breakdown of a single paragraph that the proposed STPs  are directly related to NHS England's plan to turn the NHS in England into an 'insurance-based' system based on the American private healthcare model.

If anyone needs any proof of what's being proposed in these 'STPs' simply show them the above.

We can see now that STP is actually an acronym for 'Slash Trash & Privatise' the NHS in England.

The U.S. healthcare system has no place in England or anywhere else in the modern world. It is based on profit, not  need, for shareholders not patients.

The fightback has begun, it is now our responsibility to orgnanise the downfall of these plans before they erode our NHS further.

Considering you've read the above to this point, it's clear YOU want to do something about it. Spread the word, it will take more than pens and letters to save what's left of our NHS. The fightback is on, the gloves are off, this is a battle for our children's future, we must do all in our power to save our NHS.


Lancashire & South Cumbria Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP)

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