Sunday, 6 November 2016

Tory NHS privatisation plans force disabled to 'work for nothing' under workfare scheme

The Tory government now want those on welfare to work for nothing or lose benefits. Employers told to give employees private healthcare insurance, leaving those on welfare fighting for NHS healthcare.

The Conservative 'Nasty Party' are currently in the process of consulting on Health & Welfare reform. Workfare and employee health insurance are now on the agenda.

What is 'Workfare' ?

"workfare" refers to current Tory government welfare policies whereby individuals must undertake work in return for their benefit payments or risk losing their benefits.

As such, workfare is a modern form of slavery and applies mainly to the poor and worse off in society, including mentally ill people and the disabled.

 So how does this tie-in to the STP plans?

Universal Credit.  The STP ties in with the universal credit system in the form of 'workfare'. This means that those in work will be insured for Healthcare services they wouldn't be entitled to if they were on welfare benefits.

Effectively, those on welfare, including the disabled and those with long-term illnesses, will be made to work for their benefits or face a life of destitution.

The government survey on Health & Welfare (which I've just read through) clearly shows the Tories intend introducing private medical insurance for employees.

The N.I. contributions will change and those on benefits/welfare will only receive very basic Healthcare services as those seen in the U.S. Medicaid scheme (the U.S. Medicaid insurance program is for people of all ages whose income and resources are insufficient to pay for health care).
Remember, in 2013 it was the Tory-led coalition who shut down the state-run Remploy factories that employed disabled people.

The fact that the disgraceful Tory 'workfare' scheme directly relates to the NHS privatisation reforms should only strengthen our resolve to hasten its demise.

The news that this tory government is even considering sanctioning the disabled and forcing people to accept a U.S. style unfair and ineffective health system is abhorrent.

Spread the news, tell everyone what is happening and hopefully they will open their eyes and join us in preventing modern day slavery along with the destruction of our NHS.

We are approaching upheaval and unless you act, England will no more be a proud country.

Prepare for battle, there is now no other option.


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