Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Our Health, Who Cares?

I decided to leave the 2nd 'Our Health Our Care' [ohoc] event since it was getting farcical.
You really couldn't get any further from the truth about a new healthcare system.

I sat in at the afternoon event where the program slideshow presenter (clinical director LTH trust) said urgent care centre aside an A&E was a new model of care + he said privatisation wasn't on the agenda.

Fortunately he sat next to me, and luckily the CCG chief officer also sat at our table. I put him right about the UCC model being over 30 years old (it's an import from Denmark) + privatisation is a large part of the STP (as the health secretary said in his book about denationalising the NHS titled 'direct democracy').

Ironically, the presenter changed his tune at the evening presentation when he said privatisation in the NHS does exist and the UCC model is not new!

The story gets farcical. I also attended the evening event only to find the CCG couldn't get more people to promote their trash plan so they'd hired some non-de-plume to do their bidding. I asked the lady, who was sporting a badge titled 'OHOC', was she employed by the CCG or the hospital trust or other healthcare organisation and she said no. Nor, as far as I gathered, had she read the LDP (OHOC) submission as part of the STP for lancs & south cumbria. 
We can't afford the NHS but the CCG can splash out on an unknown to promote something they likely know little or nothing about? Farce.
After the slideshow the public were asked to devise a new healthcare system or come up with a solution to overcrowding at the A&E. I said well if Nuffield trust and King's fund can't solve it I can't help here.

There were no new options or models of care pathways proposed at the meetings, except questions such as just what do you think of bringing together (integrating) pharmacies, clinics and GPs?
Erm, they already exist, all you're talking about is getting them to federate with the GP practices.

It was clear at that point they were avoiding the more controversial issues of the OHOC LDP program and instead 'gauging the feeling' of how apathtic the public were.

There are over 313,000 people in Central Lancashire.
135 people replied to the OHOC program over 8 events, and apparently this is good?
There was NOTHING mentioned at the meeting about the true contents of the OHOC LDP 67 page document which was submitted to NHS England in November. Nothing about the MCP clinics or service closures, nothing about personal health budgets or hospital re-configurations, nothing!

Are we being deceived?
If you thought the STP was rushed through in secret then it's going to be an explosive time when the 'public consultation' for the STP does start.
I can tell ya one thing, I'll be there when it does start, and this time watch out London 2017, cause I'm heading your way too....

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  1. Excellent summery Gary , it seems they are going though with the plan without knowing what it is half of the time .
    Slash , trash and privatise . It was pretty embarrassing for them , 135 people replied to the OHOC and this is good (They sound like HEALTHWATCH)