Thursday, 9 February 2017

As GP numbers fall, patients are more likely to pay to see them

 The reason the Tories want fewer GPs as per their STP plan is to narrow down the market ensuring the public will have to pay for GP services in future.

NHS England’s Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STP) see England divided into 44 “footprints” – which must achieve financial balance by next year.

The philosophy of health insurance is inline with the American model of health care where 'physicians' or GPs as we know them, charge patients per visit.  And who would be better than 'Simon Stevens', the boss of NHS England to introduce these 'U.S. models of care. 

Stevens, who worked for 10 years as vice-president of the American private insurance based company 
UnitedHealth, was appointed in 2014 as CEO of NHS England by the tory health secretary Jeremy Hunt. That's right; the same Hunt who imposed an unfair and unsafe contract on NHS Junior Doctors early last year.

Many Junior Doctors were so incensed by the 'imposing' nature of Hunts actions they pledged to leave the NHS in droves. And this does seem to be the case. Does Hunt care? not at all, it was all planned along while ago...

The frightening thing about both Hunt and Stevens is they both wish to see the American models of care(less) introduced in England. Remember, the U.S.A. does not have a universal healthcare system as here in the U.K. so is fully dependent on private insurers covering only those who can pay to see a doctor or visit hospital.
I've just explained to my GP about the plot to dismantle the NHS and in particular force GPs into federated practices operating on private-public partnerships. 

My GP mentioned if they were forced to join a GP federation they would quit the profession. But the real plot is just that, to demoralise GPs thus forcing a system that's understaffed ensuring patients in future pay for GP primary care services.

In a recent news article (below) the Clinical Commissioning Group chairperson clearly states that GP services will be more patient-centered. And that means only one thing: population - based care which is centred around insurance-plans and 'personal health budgets'.
In other words, many patients, knowing they will have to pay to see a GP, won't make a GP appointment. Result, fewer GPs needed as indicated in the news article.
Tory philosophy - "pay or stay away"

The NHS principle of free at the point of need is disregarded in this Tory bastardry. 
Why they are still in government is matter of tolerance, but tolerated by how many, and for how long?

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