Wednesday, 1 March 2017

NHS boss is 'private lobbyist'

What? the boss of NHS England 'Simon Stevens' was a Labour Councillor in Brixton until 2002? And he went on to become the boss of a private healthcare insurer? What is he doing in charge of our NHS?
Simon Stevens has managed to ruin healthcare services across two continents and decimate the NHS 
in England.

Not content with playing his part in killing off the only chance Americans had of having a near NHS health service [Obamacare], Simon the NHS traitor 'Stevens' is back in the UK spreading ideas about how to dismantle 90% of the NHS using the American private health systems such as Health maintenance and 'population-based care' organisations.

So what the ruddy hell is he doing as boss of our NHS?
Who made Stevens the chief of the NHS ?

So here it is brought to you by the Gaztapo bandido, Simon Stevens' CV accompanied with more info on this dubious and celubrious and any other word to describe dodgy traitor... enjoy

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