Sunday, 3 September 2017

Americanisation of the NHS in England

Americanisation - multi-national corporations have been eyeing up the NHS for many years. All they need is an inroad, and that's just what the health secretary Jeremy Hunt has given them. Video above - Jeremy Hunt moving forward to kaiser permanente...

In the USA, "United Health" deliver healthcare through Accountable Care Organisations (ACO). Simon Stevens the current CEO of NHS England worked there for 10 years and they are one of NHS England’s preferred contractors for supplying support services to clinical commissioning groups.

and the £1bn contract that went to Capita in June?

In June, Capita Ltd won a £1bn contract to supply administrative support to the NHS as England’s state-funded healthcare service increasingly seeks to use the private sector in its pursuit of savings. The seven-to-10 year contract will see Capita provide NHS primary care providers such as GPs, opticians, pharmacists and dentists with a range of back office services, including payments administration and the management of clinical records

Capturing back office positions is key to the ongoing Americanisation of the NHS. It is about promoting the US model - one of the most costly and inefficient health systems in the world.

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