Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Fait Accompli of the thoothless BMA


A news article released earlier this month from the BMA claims STPs are "more than a missed opportunity", indicating they agree with aspects of the plans and don't intend to oppose them.

The article (see link below), written by Peter Blackburn of the BMA news team states "We as an association have much we agree with STPs on,’ Dr Wannan - BMA"

If I recall the BMA were also resolutely against formation of a publicly owned NHS in the early days?

We have to make it very clear that ALL aspects or 'models of care' proposed in these STP plans work against the interests of a publicly owned universal healthcare system. 

We can't just 'pick and choose' one element of the STP over another. They are all designed to lead to combined budgets founded on the private health sectors favoured 'population-based' care.
The BMA news article highlights the threat of NHS privatisation, but as with the Junior Doctor contract, offers no meaningful solution.
STPs are seen by the BMA as a barrier that can't be overcome, the article continues.."While the plans may be doomed – it appears they are here to stay".

What exactly does this fait accompli sentence mean to you and I?

  • Are the BMA saying the plans will be continued by the next government or we will end up with some hybrid system akin to the U.S. healthcare model where those fortunate can pay for their treatment, whilst others die waiting in a queue?
  • Are they saying we have come to a stage where the process cannot be stopped and is irreversible or 'too expensive' to change back?
  • Will the NHS have enough funds to buy-back the bulk of the contracts sold off by their buyers the Clinical Commissioning Groups?
One thing is for sure, here over at Chorley & South Ribble we don't do fait accompli, we don't intend sitting around on our elbows watching whilst our NHS is gradually sold off and stolen away from us.

We haven't stood outside our local hospital every single week for almost a year, just to be told we're not getting the services we are entitled to and fought so hard to keep in the past.

We are the ones who are 'here to stay', the doomed plans will be kicked into the long grass where they belong. I know it won't be easy, and it will take a lot of effort, so it's now over to you...

STPs - more than just an opportunity lost (BMA)

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