Saturday, 11 March 2017

No A&E for Chorley or Preston - Proof from the STP plans

You didn't know this, but Chorley & South Ribble CCG have already proposed closing Chorley A&E in their 'Our Health Our Care' STP plans.

The Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) for Chorley & South Ribble is chaired by Dr Gora Bangi. The CCG and its partners are running a Local Delivery Program (LDP) titled 'Our Health Our Care' which is the Central Lancashire input to the regional Sustainability & Transformation Plan (STP) for Lancashire & South Cumbria.

I'll now prove that not only has a proposal already been made by the CCG to remove all A&E services in Preston & Chorley, but it has has been done with no public engagement or consultation. The proposal was published last October, the public events that were supposed to feed into the proposal started weeks later in November. The public never knew about it...

The "Our Health Our Care" Local Delivery Plan for Central Lancashire was forwarded to NHS England last October to become part of the regional STP. Here's what it shows...
Page 10. We will clearly separate services.... from emergency and urgent care. A&E services will only be delivered in a specialist centre.
Dr Gora Bangi, the chairman of the local CCG claimed there were no plans to close A&E services in Chorley or Preston. Below is proof showing Dr Bangi's own document which clearly shows all acute emergency services have been closed & replaced with community beds.

There are 3 pyramid charts each representing a locality of Chorley, South Ribble and Preston. They are ALL the same with no acute/A&E services since these have been removed and replaced with 'community beds' on tier 3. The only A&E is to be re-built as a very small trauma unit. Here's the model of care from page 18 the CCG state they are 'seeking to develop'...

We can see from the Pyramid chart above...
  • Acute/A&E services have been removed and replaced with 'community beds' on tier 3.
  • Many GP surgeries have been closed and merged into the MCP clinics on tier 5

Need more Proof? Here it is from Page 18.....
  • An acute model of care will sit above and support all three locality models. i.e. there is ONE A&E acute model only for the three areas.
  • this Acute model of care will look different to its current and that it may well reduce in size from its current form. i.e. the much smaller A&E hospital will be built at Lostock hall or elsewhere.
  • this Acute model of care looks different to its current state, and that it may well reduce in size from its current form because it is only having to treat people who are genuinely in acute need. i.e. there will be FEWER Acute beds than there are at present...

The Hospital Trust have also agreed to allow many services to be closed, here's proof..

The Lancashire Teaching NHS Hospital (LTHT) board Trust wishes to see more of its hospital services closed down and moved out of hospital into other settings (see LTHT Clinical Service Strategy 2015 and page 18 of the CCG STP input Our Health Our Care LDP)
these...outline models of care that we are seeking to develop in central Lancashire... provide an illustration of the MCP model referred to in section 1.8, and provides an illustration of how we will seek to integrate these [three] locality models with a [singular] redesigned hospital model. [Page 18]


■ see pages 19 - 21
 Central Lancashire Our Health Our Care Local Delivery Plan [PDF]


  1. This is even worse than we thought

  2. hey South Ribble peep, please stop voting Conservative / Seema Kennedy!

  3. Have you seen the bit where the jccg, won't deal with corner shop gp surgerys, no less than 100,000 units (we're units now not patients) so Chorley borough gets 1 for 130000 'units'.

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